Thursday, May 24, 2012

Witch hunt

I want to talk about disturbing, sick trend in animal rights movement and that’s a call for the death of certain groups of non-vegans. 

When a non-vegan kills or hurts a companion other animals, some animal activists begin advocating for his death or suffering, forgetting that non-vegan is also a sentient being entitled to fundamental right of all sentient beings, rights to live which cannot be taken away because he has done something immoral. Now, some of you will state that I am defending that person, who is usually called derogatory names like monster etc. I am not defending that person or his actions, I am claiming that killing/harming that non-vegan is also immoral as his actions towards other animals were. Sentient being has a right to live regardless of his actions.

Usually when a non-vegan kills/harms companion other animal is called names and a campaign for his demise is undertaken. Why is that? You don’t often hear calls of death of non-vegan just because he is not a vegan or he has killed/harmed other nonhuman animal, not companion one. Why they are so inconsistent in their campaigning. I think I said that but I will repeat what is the moral difference between actions of a non-vegan who kills companion nonhuman animals and other group of non-vegans. I would presume that vegans would know answer of that questions. But why aren’t they showing it.

And what those vegans are trying to accomplish with those campaigns. What good could possible come from those immoral, despicable campaigns? If some vegans continue doing those actions the image of the animal rights activists would be tarnish for good, that would prevent us to educate the general public about animal rights and contribute to making any possibility of a social change be lost forever. And is it a good strategy to advocate for death of human animals when you trying to educate them, to open their minds and hearts to a change.  

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