Monday, September 12, 2011

Against vegetarianism but not against vegetarians

Some vegans defend vegetarianism and put veganism and vegetarianism together as like they are the same thing. Vegetarianism, a belief that’s ok to use nonhuman animals. And veganism is against use of nonhuman animals. See, they are not the same thing.  But when you point out the obvious or you say something about milk or eggs you are automatically attacking the vegetarians.

How can any vegan defend the immorality? Cows and chickens are equally important like any nonhuman animal. And you can say that vegetarianism is a gateway to veganism as many times as you want, but repetitions will not make that the truth. There are people who are vegetarians for decades and they didn’t go vegan and there are more vegetarians than vegans. Reality disproves your claims.

It’s interesting that some vegans and vegetarians can call people who consume animal products names, but say something about dairy products and eggs, you have crossed the line. In minds of some people we are on the same side. We cannot say the truth because that makes vegetarians uneasy. And it doesn’t matter that cows are being raped and their children are taken away and killed. Male chicks are being killed because they are no use to the industry, they don’t lay eggs. What do you think happens to hens when they are unable to lay eggs? They are killed.

Use of nonhuman animals is inherently immoral and in today’s world cannot be justified. We must work for the better future and that future starts with veganism.

Words of encouragement to vegetarians, you claim that you care for the nonhuman animals and yet you consume animal products. That’s inconsistent. You can be vegan. To me it’s easy and when you know it’s not about you, it’s about nonhuman animals, it becomes easier.

I suppose that vegetarians and some vegans will find this post offensive because I talked about something which is forbidden, cruelty inherent in dairy and eggs(all use of nonhuman animals involve abuse). And I forgot who is our enemy, meat-eaters, because apparently animal flesh is only animal product which involve suffering and death.