Saturday, April 28, 2012

Demonizing people

I have noticed that some animal activist demonize some people, people who wear fur, vivisectors, hunters, or people with whom they disagree on tactics. Name calling, demonizing people is counter-productive and not helpful in efforts to educate the general public. Those actions make us look mean. How can you possible claim that those thing are good, they don’t belong in education toolkit.

Let’s take hunters for example, because I have read many activist posting things against them like death threats etc. By the way it’s immoral to advocate for anyone’s death. What’s the moral difference between hunters and other non-vegans? Hunters kill other animals by themselves, other non-vegans buy animal products in the store. Have you seen a moral difference? There is none. All non-vegans kill other animals and to separate and demonized one group because of their methods of acquiring animal products is different drives away of the main problem, which is animal use.

I know that reading and watching videos about atrocities committed against other animals makes you mad. It makes me mad too. And I sometimes say some bad things against people who are doing those things, which I regret later. After bad words are said I realize that I was wrong because all animal use requires abuse and I have seen one portion of that abuse and if I focus on one form of use/abuse, people will think that use is wrong, not all use. In time I learn to control myself but yet again inconsistent thing are said sometimes.

Best thing you can do is to channel your anger into something positive, use it to educate people, to say to them that those awful things which they see on videos are common practice. And if those awful things are not done, using other animals is abuse by itself. Other animals are not ours to use in any way.