Saturday, December 17, 2011

Peaceful Abolitionist: You don't need money to make a difference

Peaceful Abolitionist: You don't need money to make a difference: It's that time of year again when those big animal welfare organisations are asking people to volunteer their time to go out and raise money...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

LGBT rights = Human rights

I thought for a while to write a post about human rights and finally I got the inspiration so I will publish this on Human Rights day, because it’s appropriate. LGBT rights are part of fundamental human rights. This post is going to about LGBT rights and how it’s idiotic and hateful to oppose it.

I cannot understand how you can discriminate against anyone. And discriminations are form of violence. They should be actively opposed. People hide against their religion and claim that their god hates and discriminates, they just follow orders. Due to the fact that there is no evidence of the existence of your god, when you say god hates something, which means that you hate that.
"You can tell you've created god in your own image when it turns out that god hates all the same people you do". ~ Anne Lamatt

If your beliefs discriminate or deny rights to any sentient beings, your belief mustn’t be respected and must be opposed. You cannot find common ground with people who hate or have no desire to change.  
People who oppose LBGT rights deny to huge number of people equal rights on the basis our holy book says it’s wrong or it’s not natural. Those books are written in times when we knew so little about the world and they contain some horrible things. And you want to use books who justify rape and killing as your example. You are making a mistake when you equate being natural with being good. Other animals are doing stuff which we considered wrong like rape etc. And do you consider rape, because it happens in nature, to be good. By the way homosexuality is so ╩║unnatural╩║

It’s idiotic to oppose something which doesn’t concern or affect you in any way. You won’t lose any right if they get rights. So why oppose it.  And it’s hateful to deny same rights which you have to other humans.
Some argue if same-sex marriage is legalized, pedophilia will follow.  You thinking process don’t make any sense. You are comparing same-sex marriage with one of the most hideous things known to mankind. Think again, this time, use your brain.

Do opponents of same-sex marriage under traditional marriage consider a marriage of two unequal parties, when one is owner of other, when she is just a breeding material whose place is in kitchen, or the newest traditional marriage of two equal parties? Marriage is a contract, union of two people in love. That covers same-sex couples. Or do you argue that they cannot be in love.

I am very passionate about human rights. We are all animals. And I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all animals are endowed with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and pursuit of Happiness. On which side of history you want to be, on the right side fighting for equality, or on the side of hatred, immorality. 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Inability of single issue campaigns to work

SICs are favorite and frequent tool of animal activist. But they don’t work. They can work in human rights because human animals are not considered property unlike other animals. Yes, use of other animals is pervasive and it will probably take a very long time to end. Some argue because of that we need to in the mine time use them, to help other sentient beings. Do they help? Banning production of fur in one country doesn’t save those sentient beings used for fur if the demand for that animal product is there. They will be transferred to a country where production of fur is allowed. Same thing applies with banning of sale of fur in any city. You, know there are other cities.

We come to one the main problem which I have with SICs is that they send confusing and inconsistent messages that some use is worse than other. General public can be confused by messages like Fur is murder, Meat is murder as those are the only animal products which require suffering and death of other animals.  

One reason behind SICs is that general public cannot take or understand the big picture that all use of other animals is wrong and we need to go after one use at the time. That’s an elitist stand. How could you understood and became a vegan. Are you assuming that you are smarter or better in some way than other people? But the abolitionists are the ones who are called elitist. That doesn’t make sense. I am not accusing animal activist who use SICs of being elitist, I am just trying to understand how we are called elitist when we advocate veganism, unequivocally and claim that people can understand the vegan message, but you are not called that.

Some SICs ask people who just sign petition and support that campaign. Those people don’t kill seals, whales, dolphins, etc. so they won’t be affected if killing those other animal is stopped. Because of that they can support those campaigns. And they can go home and eat/wear animal products thinking that they done something for the other animals, but in fact they done nothing.

Let’s take for example ban on slaughtering of horses in US. That didn’t stopped killing of those sentient beings, they were just taken in Mexico and killed there. And they endured more suffering because they had to be transported to those countries. I am in no way supporting killing of horses or any sentient beings like some so called animal rights organization. That campaign actually had done nothing good for the horses. But I cannot understand why people again are campaigning for that ban.

One of the longest running SICs is a campaign against vivisection. Surprise, surprise it’s not working. In England use of other animals is up

Vivisection is a voodoo science. It’s unreliable and dangerous to us and it brings unimaginable suffering to other animals. If we relied upon animal testing we would have killed millions of people. We wouldn’t have drugs like penicillin, digitalis, cortisone, morphine, aspirin, chloroform, insulin etc. Up to 90% of animal test results are discarded as they are inapplicable to humans. How can some people discard scientific facts to prolong inflicting suffering and killing of other animals in pointless experiments?

And do we have evidence that weflarism and SICs decrease use of other animals. No, we don’t. But we have evidence that use of other animals is increasing it seems that SICs aren’t working.

Will you continue to use SICs or promote veganism, unequivocally? Choice is yours.