Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Discussion and criticism as a bad things

You often read in discussions about some topic where is a lot of disagreements that we shouldn’t fight and those discussions are form of infighting and some people will by reading those discussions be deter from going vegan. Those people aren’t interested in exchanging ideas, because bad things can happen like people changing their views. That’s horrible news for welfarists because they rely on people who choice to turn off their brains and not think for themselves.  I don’t understand how can accept something without critically thinking it about.  You need to look and pros and cons of everything.

First of all, that’s called a discussion, not a fight. And how that’s infighting, due to the fact we aren’t all on the same side. Not all animal activists are vegan or promote veganism. To me it’s hard to comprehend how someone can advocate for rights of nonhuman animals and not be vegan.

I don’t understand how people by reading discussion will decide not to go vegan. Critical thinking is one of the most important tools in life. People need to critically think about their actions towards nonhuman animals, they need to come to a conclusion that those actions were immoral and if they care about not just nonhuman animals but also human animals, veganism is the answer. So how critical thinking will deter people from going vegan.

Critique is to some people something horrible. Is often said you shouldn’t criticize something. Than how we will know whatever something is true if we cannot criticize it. And if it’s forbidden to criticize something, that thing is probably not true.

To a movement who needs to get people to think, to freely exchange ideas without painting them as divisive or purist, there are people who would like nothing more than to use to turn off our brains and aide exploiters of other sentient beings. Don’t worry, they will think for use. They did an excellent job so far by helping industry who uses nonhuman animals.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dreams of some people

Over and over again welfarists leave the most important thing in their question "would you like to have more room to move or being killed while being unconscious etc.", and the most important thing is not being killed, enslaved, used. Deliberately leaving out what it’s all about only serves to make welfarist reform somehow helpful to nonhuman animals. That’s misleading. If welfarist reforms are helping nonhuman animals then they shouldn’t have to make stuff up in order to make them helpful. It’s unrealistic to think that welfarist reforms lead to abolition of nonhuman use.  What matter is what you do, not just what you think? And using it appears that welfarists have no interest in animal liberation only in regulating of use.

If people care about nonhuman animals having more room to move and you have promoted that as a good thing, people will not go vegan, they will eat those nonhuman animals that have more room to move. And making distinction between animal flesh and other animal product is a mantra of the welfarists.  If people are eating less animal flesh that doesn’t do anything for nonhuman animals, because unlike popular belief of welfarist there isn’t only one animal product that is bad.

If anyone is living in the dreams that’s welfarist. Wake up, reality waits.