Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hatred of diversity

Nobody has ever made any sound argument against gay rights or ever will. I argue there is no sound argument against gay rights. Arguments against gay rights come from hate, fear, ignorance, stupidity. As a vegan I advocate for all animals rights human and nonhuman. LGBTIQ people must get equal rights, rights to get married, adopt children etc. 

I live in the country in where Pride Parade couldn’t be organized, where LGBTIQ people are still second class citizens. I know in most countries they are second class of people. They are being denied equal rights because they different from most people. In some places people vote to ban gay marriage, to deny rights of gay people. That’s called tyranny of majority. Rights are not voted for, they are given. And it’s dangerous to start now to vote for people’s rights. People didn’t vote for women’s, African Americans rights etc. But people want to start now to vote for someone else’s rights, when they have their rights. It’s like I have my rights, screw you others who don’t have same rights. They want to assure that only they have rights, not the minorities, so they stand for immorality.

They have an audacity to advocate against gay rights, against advancement of human rights. Sometimes they invoke their favorite excuse, god, who said that marriage is between a one man and one woman.  Some religious people use that argument, but forgetting that there are some nasty things written in the Bible. If you accept that archaic definition of marriage, why you reject a polygamous marriage, it’s in the Bible I checked and you have to kill someone who works on the Sabbath. What will you do when your wife isn’t a virgin on the wedding night? Bible says she should be killed. But you don’t follow those rules, only those that benefit you. People will say that’s the Old Testament. Ok, but you cannot argue that I using the wrong part of the Bible to make my case, when you also are using arguments from the Old Testament to say that homosexuality is wrong. What did Jesus said about homosexuality. And did he say he will judge people, not you.

Most people don’t live according to the Bible. They accept some rules that benefit them, and reject others. But they want to use arguments from thousands years ago, where people are so tolerant to argue for insanity, that people don’t get same rights.

And now we came to the favorite argument homosexuality is no natural. Can I suppose that you are writing that on the natural internet or natural mobile phone, using natural keyboard, siting on natural chair which you picked from the garden. I see you are using so many natural things. It’s good because otherwise you would be a hypocrite.

Marriage was always between a man and the women some argue. No, what about polygamous marriage and marriage between a man and many wives, his slaves. Women in the patriarchal marriage were property of their husbands, breeding material for more followers of their religion. Marriage also was a way of increasing your territory in medieval times. Where was love in those marriages? But you are willing to stop some people who are in love to get married. You are not advocating for protection of marriage, you are advocating for hatred and discrimination. I find that disgusting.


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