Monday, July 9, 2012

Progress of animal rights movement

Veganism movement is progressing extremely slowly, slower than it should. Culprit is prevailing method of educating people. People are said by animal activists to go vegan, but if they can’t, they can go vegetarian. And if they cannot be vegetarian, they are said that they can ʺhelpʺ other animals by not eating one animal product for one day. But if they cannot even do that they are said to donate to speciesist campaigns or organization that kill other animals like PETA.

They are basically watering down the message so they can declare victory when some business switch to more efficient way of killing other animals and that they can say how many people are ʺhelpingʺ other animals because of them.
Religion is being used in vegan education. That’s not very good tactic because animal rights movement resides on objectivity that other animals are sentient beings that shouldn’t be used at all. Bringing subjective things like religion in animal rights movement destroys movement’s objectivity and rationality and makes veganism about people not other animals. If you make veganism about the people, people will become the center point of veganism, not the other animals.
Why use religion to further the cause of animal rights when the religion is one of the most ferment defender of animal use. Beliefs not based on evidence are not very usefully when advocating for things which are based on evidence and those beliefs are dangerous. By presenting some with religious arguments for veganism like one interpretation of some verses from his religious book you are making his veganism reside on shaky grounds. Another interpretation of that versus can make move him away from veganism.
Presenting people with objective arguments like sentience of other animals or that we don’t need to use other animals followed by ethical or health reasons. With objectivity you make his veganism reside on firm grounds. By saying his veganism I am not saying that everybody has his own definition of veganism. That would render veganism meaningless.
Some of you will think again with the criticism. Why, is critical thinking a bad thing? If you think this criticism is unfair, how you explain extremely low numbers of vegans in the world. Something must be wrong. I am arguing that methods used by vegans are not bringing the good results. Those methods must be abandoned and vegans should advocate for veganism unequivocally.

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