Monday, November 7, 2011

End of factory farming

I heard about revolutionary campaign which will "help" nonhuman animal so much. It doesn’t matter that problem isn’t how we treat the other animal that we use, the problem is that we use them at all. And if that campaign is successful it would just change the way how other animals are exploited.

You may ask but other animals will suffer less if factory farming is abolished. That’s questionable. And how do you know that they will suffer less. And any suffering which we inflict on other animals is unnecessary. End result of all farming, small or factory is the same, torture and death.

It’s often asked of animal exploiters to give more room to farm animals or to change how they kill other animals. So many campaigns are asking for something which exploiters will give anyway. But why the resist. You know, why. Because can you imagine large producers of animal products to just accept propositions of welfarist groups. Majority of demands by welfarist organizations are in favor of the industry because they increase the efficiency of exploitation of other sentient beings. Some exploitation is inefficient. Welfarists attack those inefficient practices demanding efficient practices. Crazy, right. That’s so going to help the other animals. 

When they started factory farming they didn’t know that putting large numbers of other animals in one place, not allowing them to move, will lead to stress, diseases. They are treating those diseases with drugs which lead to drug-resistant bacterias. And some of those bacterias can transfer to humans. By giving more room to other animals they can decrease level of stress.

Do you know why they stun other animals before they kill them? Not because they are concern with suffering of that person, rather than it may injury the worker if he works with large other animals, or that poor sentient being will injury herself while experiencing excruciating pain, fighting for the next breath.

In unlikely event that one country bans factory farming, it cannot stop the import of animal products from other country where factory farming isn’t banned due to many free-trade agreements.

I don’t understand why we need to help the industry by asking for more efficient exploitation. Welfarists say we need to do something now. But who those so called victories take years and years to implement. I though we need to do something now. And we can do something now which really helps all sentient beings, it’s called unequivocal vegan advocacy.

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