Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Animal flesh

Some animal activists are pushing the unfounded notion that animal flesh is the worst animal product there is. That’s discouraging because those people are vegans. And I wonder what compel those activists to spread out that. There is no moral difference between animal products. All animal products demand suffering and death. I cannot understand why you need to tell people who want to help nonhuman animals that they should promote what you are, veganism. Why is that so hard with animal activist. And it’s expected to compromise otherwise you are painted as purist, divisive, you are not helping nonhuman animals, and you want them to suffer.  Promotion of bigger cages, different way of killing sentient beings, giving award to slaughterhouse designer cannot be considered a advocating for rights of sentient beings. Those actions are detrimental and not in the interest of nonhuman animals, but in the interest of exploiters.

Most famous campaign is meat-free Mondays. This is one of worst campaigns there is, because it sends a message that consuming other animal products is ok. Better name for that campaign is senseless Mondays. Its goal is that people not consume only one animal product for a day. And it seems that it doesn’t matter that people are consuming other animal products. Don’t tell me this campaign is a step to veganism, due to the fact that veganism isn’t mentions. I don’t consider one day things as something positive, because it gives people an impression by not doing one thing for a day, that they are done with good deeds and that entitles that to do whatever they want on other days.

If you are thinking, by promoting veganism you will scare off some people and that you should promote vegetarianism or "happy" animal products, don’t compromise, we are here to change things, to help those who cannot. But we aren’t here to aide exploiters of other sentient beings. Only vegans are making a real difference for the nonhuman animals. So how promotion of anything less will help them. 

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